Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A very long weekend

This weekend was much longer than expected. We didn't plan on having a free weekend since James was scheduled for surgery, but in the end we ended up having more than a week off because we all came down with the Norovirus.

Wer aren't sure where this version of Norovirus came from; but my bets are on either our trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science or our take-out Chinese food order. Both were firsts for our family and we intended to make the best of our last minute four-day weekend; unfortunately, everyone ended up miserable and is slowly recovering. 

Some of the highlights of our weekend:

1. The museum: the little dragons liked the dinosaurs and adventuring. 

2. Exploring our backyard: it was an awesome weekend to do so, and the babies were all over the place. We have a lot of spring clean-up to do and some baby-proofing to figure out, but we had fun. 

3. Baby obstacle course: the little dragons are all about turning our house into the most crazy obstacle course they could come up with. They spent hours playing with a new box of diapers, crawling on top of it and pushing it around the house. We were most impressed with James, who can hold a plank position on top of the box, crawl on top of it, and then crawl off the other side. He holds his own pretty well, and then is happy to cheer Maisie on when she does even crazier moves. 

4. Twin friend time: we had an awesome play date with our NICU bff's L&L at their home and spent the afternoon exploring their backyard. It's amazing to see just how far all of the babies have all come in just a year. Unfortunately we infected them with Norovirus without realizing it and are feeling dreadful about that. (We owe you a healthy play date, friends!)

5. The Norovirus was fast and furious: luckily we are on the mend but we don't wish this situation on anyone. So, we are staying in for a few more days to try to keep it contained. We had our first camp out on the living room floor and we "watched" our first movie (Beauty and the Beast). 

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