Friday, May 16, 2014

Bronchiolitis v. 3.0

Maisie has bronchiolitis for the third time on just over a year. She goes downhill fast, and hopefully it won't turn into pneumonia or anything more severe. 

We spent last night in the PICU because of her illness. I told Maisie that if she wanted to have a "Girl's Night" we could easily go to a spa or a fancy hotel, but Maisie prefers to spend all of our hard earned money at Swedish Medical Center. 

She is doing okay but has a lot of respiratory restriction, oxygen requirement (1/2 liter for our altitude at 9,000 feet), and is on Albuterol and steroids to help open the airways and calm her inflammation. 

James is doing fine, of course, and this is always surprising to me as he spent over three months without amniotic fluid and wasn't supposed to have lungs; then after birth spent another three more months on the ventilator. You'd never know it today. He's pretty much over the upper respiratory infection he gave Maisie without consequence. James wasn't totally left out; he got a new ball from the lovely nurses at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. 

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