Thursday, May 22, 2014


Cousin Marri is in town from Seattle. The little dragons have lots of fun when she is around and it's interesting to watch their interactions change and develop. 

Just a few months ago when we visited Auntie Ca, Uncle Da and Marri, she was helpful and protective but a little hesitant about playing with the babies sometimes. She is two and a half and loves Maisie and James. 

Now, just a few months later Marri is much more engaged in playing with them and helping out. She is a great role model and listens well, and together they all have a ton of fun. 

Technically they are only nine months apart, so when it's time for school they could potentially be in the same grade level. While the babies are doing great for their circumstances - you definitely see the differences in development when they are around full term kids. 

Maisie is feeling a little better, though she has to wear oxygen at home. We've been doing this at night only because its impossible to keep her in one place, or within a 25 foot radius of any tank. She's been keeping it on thankfully. We purchased a pulse oximeter that we are using to spot check her and hopefully wean the oxygen as she gets over the bronchiolitis. 

We are still planning on James having surgery Tuesday the 27th, followed by a five day hospitalization. 

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