Friday, May 2, 2014


James's surgery is postponed until May 27th. His amazing Neurosurgeon is out unexpectedly for medical reasons and while we are slightly let down, we also are firm believers that everything happens for a reason. 

The past several weeks have been so busy that we haven't had days off due to a busy work and social schedule, on top of medical appointments and therapy. It's been quite a challenge. I'm sure it will only get more complicated as time goes on but for now, I relish the days where we can sleep in until 8 am and when we have two days off in a row. This family is exhausted. 

We suddenly have an entirely free long weekend and the little dragons will be sleeping in and getting into some other shenanigans along the way. 

Funny things they are doing now:
•Maisie loves to stick small things- like bits of paper up her nose.
•James loves to moon-crawl (fast backwards) Michael Jackson-style through the kitchen. 
•The little dragons are all about smothering each other with hugs kisses and saying "awe" afterwards.
•Maisie hates getting her picture taken right now because she really just wants to steal your iPhone. 
•James has everyone convinced that all he can say is "ball" - though he knows about 50+ words, and is incredibly smart. 
•If you ask them their ages, Maisie will say one and James will say two. They will also answer "almost" (M) and "two" (J). 
•James dislikes most grass. 
•Maisie hates people to touch her feet. 
•The little dragons love daddy's guitars. 

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