Friday, June 20, 2014

Hey Dude Ball

The little dragons are one week from turning two. I can't believe it, really. Both tell you that they're two, and have moments of "terrible-two-ness".  Mostly they are cute and you can't get frustrated at the little dragons for testing the world and their place in it. 

James broke his favorite water bottle last night (sorry Auntie Ca) after smashing it on the kitchen floor as hard as he could. He loves to try to throw and bounce everything as if it were a ball. Some things just don't hold up. 

Maisie loves to stick random things up her nose. Sometimes we don't find them until hours later when she goes into a sneezing fit, which usually produces the contents of an earlier scavenger hunt. 

They both love to scream and sing all the way down the bumpy part of the highway  when we make the journey to Denver. 

The little dragons also come up with very interesting phrases. James loves to say "Hey dude ball" - we think he's trying to get us to play catch with him. Maisie is more like a parrot and can mimic anything you say - so watch out, world!

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