Thursday, June 5, 2014


According to Maisie, James has "owies". She has been pretty good to James overall while he heals from surgery, aside from an incident of trying to pull off his surgical glue - for which she earned a time-out. 

James is healing very well. Since returning home last Thursday he has been crawling all around the house, chasing balls.

He can sit regularly now, though he still prefers to sit on his knees and crawl around. He's too active to sit still! We've also noticed better range of motion in his arms and shoulders, as James is able to reach above his head more comfortably amongst other things. A few days ago he fed himself a whole bowl of applesauce with a spoon with great precision and accuracy, all by himself. He mostly likes his left hand, but can use his right if inclined (in the hospital James ate a whole plate of eggs and potatoes with a fork with his right hand due to the IV). 

Maisie has had two days without nebulizer treatments, and although she still has some dry coughing spells we think she is nearing the end of this bout of bronchiolitis. She's pretty much back to her feisty, hungry self. 

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