Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spasticity Clinic

Today was James's two week neurosurgery follow-up and just happened to be the day of the Spasticity Clinic. We hadn't been for a while and felt that now would be the perfect time to get everything done in one appointment. 

The Spasticity Clinic at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children is a group of pediatric specialists who gather monthly and see patients at risk for high or low tone due to prematurity or other health concerns. James has pre-existing conditions (being very low birth weight, having lots of complications in the NICU, etc) and is at risk for having delays and issues with tone moving forward. 

The Clinic brings in everyone necessary- Neurosurgery, Neurology, Orthopedics, Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, Prostetics/Orthotics, etc. These are the practitioners we met with today. We discussed James's progress since our last visit eight months ago, and came up with a plan to help him continue to make strides physically and developmentally. 

When James arrived he insisted on crawling into the appointment and showing off all of his current skills. He was social, lovable, and obviously proud of the progress he has made. And of course, we couldn't be more proud of him. 

The consensus was unanimous - James is an amazing kid and has come a long way since birth, our last appointment, and even since his surgery. He has the drive and determination to go anywhere he wants to. Our job is to support that and make sure he has all of the tools possible. 

Our plan:
1. Orthotics: James was fitted for and picked out colors (green / ball) for his new orthotics which we will get in the next few weeks. This will address the pronation he has developed in the last nine months. They will help him stand, cruise, and eventually walk. We also ordered night splints that will help the achilles, knees and hamstrings. 

2. Physical Therapy: while we receive Early Intervention from DDRC, we all agreed that we can do better. We can supplement this and perhaps find a professional who is more adept at helping James. For someone as determined and driven as our little dragon, we need our therapists to be innovative and creative and go the extra mile. James has unlimited potential - we need to unlock it. 

3. Re-evaluate therapeutic options after 3-6 months of the above therapies. James had major surgery two weeks ago and has made major strides since then. 

Following our appointment we had enough daylight leftover to spend some time splashing in puddles and playing ball on the deck. Maisie and James love to play outside!

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