Thursday, July 17, 2014

1, 2, 6

The babies are all about talking right now. 

For James it's "Maisie, Maisie, Maisie". He's turning into a little parrot and will repeat so much of what you say - but he absolutely loves talking about Maisie. He can also say "James" along with many other words and phrases. He is pretty sneaky so his language will catch you off guard if you aren't paying attention. He told me the other day, "water petunias". 

Maisie is a lot more unpredictable. She will chirp out things like "thanks" and "welcome" during meals and playtime, and even tell you about her "owie owie boo boo", then instruct you to "kiss it", even if it happens to be her poopy butt. It's quite hilarious and yet very adorable at the same time. She'll even count to six (one, two, six). 

They are really into playing together and sharing. At dinner tonight James bit off his "agogago" (avocado) and asked "Maisie bite?", then proceeded to give her the rest of it. Maisie stole James's cookies, said "thanks", and then when he asked for more "potato chips" she promptly gave him hers. Mind you - they prefer to feed one another straight to their mouths like newlyweds but as long as it's cordial I won't stop them.

This past week we've stayed busy. On Saturday we met up with friends for dinner and had a great time. Sunday we visited the Wildlife Sanctuary with Michelle and Alena, followed by an Indian food lunch. The little dragons were exhausted but absolutely loved their birthday present adventure day! 

Monday, as always is therapy and our therapists were just amazed at the burst of language and communication coming from the little dragons. They are very into pretend play and language right now, which everyone was thrilled to see. 
James shows off his ability to sit completely independently while watching a music video on the iPad. 

They also have been extremely emotional. I guess that comes with the territory of being two. A melt down could take place following a minor complication - like not being able to hear Elmo's Song or having to go Night Night - and it's pretty epic to see. 

James was upset about Night Night and was refusing the water bottle that he had just asked for. It probably wasn't in the right cup, and this upset him even more. 

Maisie believes our house is occupied by a shadow cat, ghost dog, ghost bug, etc. I'm not totally discrediting her, because she is seriously scared when telling us about these animals - but lately she's been perfecting the details of her dramatic performance. Maisie may very well have acting or speech and debate in her future. It's made life very interesting here!

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