Friday, July 11, 2014

Splish Splash!

After moments like this - avocado explosion - the only way to clean a little dragon is bath time. 

The babies absolutely LOVE bath time. They make tons of waves, throw balls all around the bathroom, and take turns giving me more gray hair. 

As they've gotten older, bath time is both easier and harder. We can do a dual bath and most of the time is spent playing. The toughest part is wrangling each baby to wash hair while making sure they don't drown (or drown their sibling) on accident because they are WILD!  They are so wild, in fact, that the only way I get a decent photo of the little dragons is to take a video and find a still photo later. 

This year has been one struggle after another with insurance. We were lucky to have amazing insurance for the babies' first 18 months with Premera Blue Cross. In Febuary we switched to Aetna due to an ownership transition at my work. The change was tough- higher cost, higher deductibles, higher out of pocket maximums and coverage that is seriously lacking in many areas.

Take James's orthotics, for example. Aetna believes that pediatric orthotics are not medically necessary, and they are not covered by our plan. I have the best plan offered by my employer and we are still looking at paying a cost of $1200 every 6-12 months for the ankle/foot orthotics James needs to be able to walk. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we are sinking. Every dime I make goes to pay medical expenses, and yet we make too much money to qualify for Medicaid disability, or any other assistance. The nonprofit aligned with my work cannot help us because we are a) employees and b) not underserved enough. It's miserable. 

So, as a family we decided that we needed to make a change to help protect our bottom line and help insure the family. Next week I am leaving a career and a business that I love - one that has been very supportive of our family - to a new job where there's more flexibility and better comprehensive health insurance. 

Here's to the future- more time with the little dragons and less time haggling with stupid insurance companies and medical bills!

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