Sunday, August 31, 2014

26 months old

One of our readers mentioned a while back that the month-age thing (i.e. 26 months old) is confusing. I agree, and when people ask I tell them that the little dragons are two.

I still feel the need to do monthly updates and will continue to do them for several reasons. First and foremost, for the kids being preemies. The little dragons take their time to do things and it's important to track and monitor their growth and development. I can look back and exactly pinpoint what was happening when, which is important for our many medical providers. Luckily our appointments are on six month intervals now; but this makes their progress even more difficult to track. 

Secondly, it's important for us as a family to recap where we're at. Everyone struggles, but we prefer to celebrate - even the small stuff - and celebrating birthdays every year just doesn't cut it for us. Like most preemie families, we celebrate our birthdays and our coming-home days, the good days and the tough days. When your children were basically given no chance of survival, you celebrate; every word and every step.

I hope one day these little dragons are able to look back and feel proud of all that they have overcome, of all the adversity they have faced and conquered. They have seen more in their 26 months than most adults have experienced in a whole lifetime. Hopefully we can make a difference because of it. 

Book: Five Little Monkeys
Song: "Itsy Bitsy Spider", & "Five Little Monkeys"
Words: Maisie comes up with lots of interesting phrases. For example, "Mickey Mouse is going night night and has sweet dreams". 
Toy: Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Little People
Food: cheese sticks, cookies, pancakes, waffles, avocado, fruit snacks, peaches, blueberries
Animal: dog, kitty, monkey
Time of the Day: Potty Time (still making attempts at potty training). 
Activity: playing outside, sharing with James and make believe
Color: blue
Clothing Size: 9-12 months, maybe some 18 months but she can wear 6 month shorts 
Shoe Size: 4 
Weight: 19 lbs 11oz at last checkup on 08/15/14
Height: 31.75 inches
Number of Teeth: 18+

Book: ABC by Dr Suess
Song: "Nom a Nom", "Elmo's Song", "Itsy Bitsy Spider",
Words: James is a parrot and will say anything and everything. He can say 5-6 words in a row. For example, "watch Elmo ball maybe later Mommy"
Toy: Any kind of ball- his favorite is currently football
Food: waffles, snickerdoodles, chips, fruit snacks, peaches, applesauce, pasta - he loves food. 
Animal: dragon or bear
Time of the Day: playtime or Elmo Time
Activity: playing with his ball, walking with help, and chewing on his green blankie
Color: green
Clothing Size: 9-12 months, maybe some 18 months but he can also wear 6 month pants 
Shoe Size: 4, but with his fancy AFO's aka his "Green Ball Shoes" James wears a size 5.5 wide
Weight: 17lbs 9oz at last checkup on 06/30/14
Height: 30.75 inches
Number of Teeth: 19+

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