Sunday, August 17, 2014

Food Festivals and Frankie

Today we spent our morning playing and our afternoon at two food festivals. We are exhausted and the little dragons are wound up.

First we stopped by Denver Celiac Association's Annual Festival and they had over a hundred vendors with gluten free foods to sample. We were there at the very end, which meant free parking and lots of freebies from vendors in excess of what everyone else probably took home. The babies tried pizza, cookies, quesadillas, pretzels, and more- and they had an awesome time. 

Following this we loaded up the car and headed down the street to the Potenza Lodge for the Feast of St Rocco. It is a tradition in Jimmy's family to attend - his grandparents ran the cake and coffee stand for years and now helps out at the sausage sandwich stand. We stopped by to take in the festivities - and though the babies and I didn't eat there we had fun exploring the sites and sounds and visiting everyone. 

Maisie wanted to run everywhere and was absolutely wild. She danced to the music, said hello to everyone, and decided she wanted a motorcycle. Uncle Luke won Maisie a princess doll which she was thrilled about!

James was in a very loving mood and was giving out kisses left and right. He also did lots of walking and even took several steps holding on to just one hand! It was a huge accomplishment for James! His AFO's have been a wonderful thing and he is up to wearing them 10 hours a day. James got a giant red football from his Uncle Luke. 

This week was also exciting for another reason. Maisie and James have been anxiously awaiting their new cousin, whom they lovingly nicknamed "Frankie"; and he was born earlier this week. They were able to meet him just hours after he was born for a few minutes and they were both very sweet with "Baby Frankie". 

They also had a great time running all around their birth hospital and turning the waiting room into a giant jungle gym. 

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