Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday with Mommy

With my new job and schedule comes some down time. Presently Fridays are a day off, which is new to our schedule. Because it's a weekday, it also means I spend time trying to contact providers and insurance companies; working to resolve the little dragons' ongoing To-Do list. 

James got his AFO's (ankle foot orthotics) earlier in the week. And while they were less than originally planned due to a lot of insurance policy work-arounds, doctor's exception reports and phone calls, they were still expensive. James is happy, and he definitely needs them- so we'll work out the finances later. 

1. Today my mom took us to get new shoes for both kids. Both have outgrown their 3.5 StrideRites and James needed something that could fit his AFO's. We found some great shoes that the little dragons love!

2. We effectively destroyed an area of Tokyo Joes with chicken, rice and edamame. There was no eating involved, only throwing and screaming. Usually the little dragons are very well behaved but unfortunately today was not their day (or mine). Though I often wish I could bring my Black & Decker DustBuster with me everywhere, I really wanted it today. But then that would have made the whole scenario that much more over the top. It is days and times like this - food everywhere, overwhelmed parent and grandparent in hysterical laughter - that you makes you just want to give up going places. Or, hide in the corner. 
Before the chaos and the crowds. 

3. Maisie gave herself pen tattoos. At least they are washable!

4. The little dragons thought a great new toy would be a bag of potatoes from the pantry. I think I've found most of the potatoes they hid but they had a blast with rolling and hiding them. Maisie also tried to take a bite out of one. 

5. James spent the majority of the afternoon standing by himself at the "potty" with his new shoes/AFO's and bouncing the big green ball around the toilet area. The height worked out well, even though it isn't an ideal spot in my opinion. 

After playing in the bathroom James walked the shopping cart all around the house on his own - with me only holding the wheel to make sure it didn't take off unexpectedly. The AFO's give James improved balance that he didn't have before.  

6. Maisie and James had a poor diet. Though offered other food, they only really ate GF waffles, blueberries, cheese, fruit snacks, and pretzels. Oh, and Udi's GF pizza for dinner. This is atypical for them, though they drank a ton of water and juice. 

7. The babies spent more time laughing and giggling with each other than I've seen in a long time. They also gave each other lots of hugs and kisses!

8.  There was a little Elmo Ball before bedtime so I could clip fingernails and toenails...

9. James and Maisie helped me go through the mail. They were so helpful that it is now all over the living room in pieces. Twin toddlers can destroy something in a matter of moments!

10. They are sleeping very soundly after a fun, busy, and productive day for all of us. 

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