Friday, August 22, 2014

Our first playground day

For one reason or another, we've never been to the playground. We have swings and a slide at home, and plenty to explore in our backyard; so maybe it's that we've never felt the obligation to go somewhere else for the afternoon. However, part of my hesitance also lies in the fact that James and Maisie have been on different skill levels mobility-wise. Maisie is running and climbing all over the place, while James is cruising, crawling and pulling to a stand. 

As a parent of twins, it's also difficult to let two wild toddlers have free reign of a play structure that could be very dangerous without another set of hands or eyes. So today, when we had a few hours to kill and we went to the park, I must not have been thinking straight. 

We started off on the toddler playground. It was small and manageable, with a cute tunnel and two little slides. The little dragons had fun for a good 15 minutes before that playground had run it's course. 

We tried out the baby swings and that was entertaining for a few minutes as well. Then, the babies wanted to explore. Maisie was content on the sandbox; after a few fistfuls of sand in the face he scampered off towards the huge big kid's playground. 

Maisie was tossing sand all over herself but wasn't going anywhere so I followed James. He's been working on stairs with his grandparents lately and he decided he was going to attempt the stairs here. They were no challenge whatsoever. James was fast and furiously racing towards the top of the playground, towards a long and steep slide that was closest to us. Just before I caught him, he lept in face first and flew down the slide.

Mommy heart attack.

Maisie was still playing in the sandbox, throwing sand everywhere and having a grand old time. James had reached the bottom of the slide, crawled out and and reached the bottom of the stairs just as I got to him. He was thrilled and heading back for more. 

James went back to the steep slide a few more times before brazenly attempting the next slide, a twisty one up another half-flight of stairs. He then attempted the tallest slide, two stories high and curly. James screamed and laughed the whole way down, and at the end headed back for more. 

Maisie did have her own taste of adventure when she bolted off towards the street without warning and then collapsed into a fit of laughter when I caught her. She also wanted to hug a very large and unfriendly "puppy" without warning. 

It's definitely a challenge to watch twin toddlers making their mark on a playground for the first time. James was truly remarkable and faced his challenges with absolutely no fear. This was amazing therapy for him. James is the strongest and most determined person I have ever known. Maisie continues to keep me on my toes, and each day is definitely a challenge yet so rewarding. Her love and tenacity is second to none. 

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