Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pancake balls and sleeping motorcycles

The days have been flying by. We've been busy working with James and his new AFO's, adapting to our new schedule and spending lots of time learning new words. Every day it seems that the little dragons are coming up with new words and phrases; their vocabulary is growing exponentially.

James can identify all of the following balls: baseball, basketball, soccer ball, football, and beach ball. He has special names for all of the dozens of balls he plays with too, like "green ball", "big red ball", and "zoo ball". This identification of balls spills over into foods, too. In the produce section of the grocery store, if something is ball shaped he gets really excited and calls out "ball!", even when he can't identify the fruit or veggie right away. 

Friday I made muffins and James decided they were "blueball (blueberry) pancake balls", which is pretty accurate - they were ball shaped and tasted pretty pancake-like.  He ate 5 pancake balls and I was very glad I made a double batch!

Maisie is very much into identifying peoples, objects and what they happen to be doing. For example, Saturday there was a bicycle race on our road and we saw hundreds of bicycles. Maisie says "cycle" every time she hears or sees a motorcycle. 

In the morning, she saw all of the bikes and told me, "Mommy, motorcycles sleeping... Shhh..." Of course; bicycles are a lot quieter that motorcycles! When a cyclist got off their bike in front of our house, Maisie said "cycle fall down and got an owie". We didn't check but we think the cyclist was okay. Maisie offered a bandaid but they left before we could get one. 

We've been working on lots of exercises to help James stretch and strengthen his legs. We are now up to wearing the AFO's about 5-6 hours a day consecutively. He has been doing well but at times it is difficult to keep James focused on exercising. 

It is hard to believe that only a year ago James began his army crawling. He was very slow but determined to get to his Clifford book. Today he is a wild man and will barely sit still for five seconds. He has an uphill road but we know that James has the fortitude to get the job done. 

We've been working on pushing a weighted shopping cart around the house, sitting on the basketball and practicing standing up, and walking with help all around. Though we love living in our ranch-style home, we are missing stairs for James's sake right now - the only ones we have are outside on the deck. Stairs are a perfect strength building exercise for him and James loves to climb the stairs. 

Maisie is very much into playing with her Little People and her tiny baby doll, which she borrowed from her Auntie Victoria. She loves to talk for them and interact. Maisie is also very affectionate and tells her friends and family "I love you" in a very sweet way. It's SO cute. 

Finally, we have a new neighbor we've been hanging out with this summer. Here he is:
The little dragons are very in tune to when Deer is around and tell us before I even realize he's wandering around. 

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