Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jamesie Day

Today marks James's homecoming from the NICU two years ago, 124 days after birth. He spent just over four months at PSL, three of which were on heavy ventilatory support; had eight surgeries and only came home with minor assistance. He was discharged with an 1/8th of a liter of oxygen, no medication, and a week's worth of wound care materials to finish the healing process of 3rd degree burns sustained on his foot from an IV infiltration that occurred 6 weeks prior to discharge. 

Today James is making improvements every day in his mobility. His complications seem less due to his prematurity than from the spinal complications he has faced. The tethered cord and subdural arachnoid cyst caused pressure and weakness before we ever found the issue. It's impossible to know the impact these problems had, but James is making great progress in the aftermath. 

James is extraordinary in so many ways. He is sweet, silly, and determined like no one else. James lets no person get in the way of his goals or intentions. He is incredibly smart and intuitive. James thrives on positive energy and support. 

James loves anything and everything ball-related, but has a lot of other interests too. He could eat a whole plate of GF snickerdoodle cookies and a full batch of pancakes. He can sing a dozen songs and recite the alphabet. He knows hundreds of words and can say full sentences. James can run with his walker and/or shopping cart, and is walking very well holding onto one hand only. His legs are growing in muscle strength every day and his flexibility is increasing exponentially.

We take every single milestone as a win against the losing odds we were given all along the way. James came fighting from day one, and continues to fight. We are so thrilled to be celebrating two years home as a family. 
Year one. 
Year two. 

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