Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15th

The little dragons are doing just fine. They are loving and adorable and wonderful. I am so thankful for every day we have together, and that they are growing and making progress every day. It is what I wished for in my pregnancy and I am truly lucky. It has not been a path without difficulty and lots of trials along the way- but we are so very fortunate. 

Today I want to take a moment and give our page to those babies that fought the good fight for pProm or prematurity. Our friends who passed on. Our friends whose stories are cut short, only to be finished another day.

Our story could have been that way and for one reason or another, it is not. So today we give our love to those families that don't have babies to hold in their arms, those families who fought just as hard as we did and still had to let go. Their grief and pain is unbearable and unimaginable.

Today we remember Jacob, Jordan, Pip, Bennett, Caitlyn, Nico, Spencer, Quinn, Elijah, Judah, Annabelle... And so many more, many that will never be forgotten and that are always in our hearts. 

1 in 4 has lost a child. Today is infant and pregnancy loss awareness day. 

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