Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zoo trip

Last week before the recent cold snap, we went to the zoo. It was the first day of our 3 day weekend and a beautiful day. We headed out early with my mom and got to the zoo right after opening time.

For November, the weather was perfect. The zoo wasn't too crowded and we got to see lots of animals. The best part though, was the fact that the little dragons were SO into seeing all the animals. They could recognize and name lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, polar bears, turtles, giraffes - and so many more. I was very impressed. Before on zoo trips they weren't as engaged or interested, but this time was entirely different. 

They listened intently as a zookeeper explained about a polar bear's fur and blubber layer than helps keep them warm in the bitter cold. They stuck their hands willingly in a bucket of ice during a science experiment to demonstrate how a polar bear's fur works. They described what the animals were doing and how many they saw. 

We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed a nice November day. The weather has become very frigid so we've been staying indoors and keeping warm and toasty. 

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