Saturday, December 20, 2014

Feeling off

The last week Maisie has been fighting off some sort of an infection, but it hasn't really gone one way or the other and we've been thankful for that. She had to go back on oxygen overnight after a few pulse ox checks found her saturations to be in the 70's. We don't know what she has, but the doctor gave both James and Maisie Tamiflu because of the huge increase of people, especially children, with Influenza right now. 

Aside from being a little "off", it's difficult to say what is really going on with her. Given her history the doctor has been pretty proactive and concerned. It is better than the alternative. But, she isn't sleeping well, she's not eating well, and she's had some periods of grumpiness. And we've got the hypoxemia or low oxygen saturations she's been having. Maisie did have a fever over a 24 hour period last weekend and has had some lethargy. But that's about it. 

Maisie is doing a great job given the circumstances, keeping her oxygen on overnight and during naps and not even fighting it. She'll give us the cues when she has had enough and doesn't need the O's anymore. She's usually right. 

James has been on the fence with infection also- sometimes he seems to be not doing well and other times just fine. Hopefully all of their symptoms will resolve soon. 

We put up our Christmas tree and holiday decorations. The little dragons and really getting into the season. They absolutely love singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bells. They like Frosty the Snowman and have been pretty good about keeping our tree and the ornaments intact. 

We are hoping for an illness free Christmas with our friends and family. 

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