Monday, January 26, 2015

31 months old & Botox / Phenol

The little dragons are now over the 2.5 year mark and inching closer to 3 every day. It's a little scary for us but we are so proud of them and all of their accomplishments. I especially love how great they play together and how much of a team they are. 

Thursday last week James went in for a minor surgical procedure; he had Botox in both gastrox (calf muscles) and Phenol injections in both hamstrings to combat his spasticity. James was fitted for new orthotics, SMAFO's (Supra Malleolar Ankle Foot Orthotics) while he was under anaesthesia. The whole procedure was under an hour; we spent a lot more time in Pre and Post-Op than anywhere else. 

The Phenol began to work right away and the Botox will show its effectiveness after 7 days. We could tell inmediately that James was more flexible; he didn't seem to lose any strength or endurance from the procedure. We'll see the final results when the Botox fully kicks in later this week. 

Our Physical Therapists were both happy with the preliminary results. James doesn't seem too impacted - in fact, he is as active as ever; he seems more comfortable sitting and has spent lots of time figuring out new ways to climb over furniture and in/out of chairs. He is pretty darn resilient. 

James found the ball pit at RMHC. 

Book: really anything right now - no favorite. 
Song: Maisie has seen Frozen a few times and is really into a few of the songs. We're late to the game on this one and I can't even name them. She also loves Mother Goose Club on YouTube and Caspar BabyPants. 
Words: Maisie is great at picking up words and implementing them into sentence use. The other day she asked if I was texting; last night she pointed at Jimmy and I and told us, "you're my favorite Daddy, and you're my favorite Mommy". Maisie struggles with "I, me, you", but she's working on it. 
Toy: Little people, dinosaurs, baby dolls, and anything else she can play make believe with. 
Food: cheese, cookies, pancakes, waffles, eggs, avocado, fruit snacks, blueberries, beans, rice, tortillas, quesadillas, Indian food
Animal: dog, kitty, monkey
Time of the Day: taking a "blath"
Activity: climbing - it's harrowing for us but really fun for Maisie. 
Color: blue
Clothing Size: 12-18 months, 18 month PJ's. 
Shoe Size: 4 
Weight: 21lbs at last checkup on 12/11/12
Height: 32 inches
Number of Teeth: 19+

Book: ABC by Dr Suess
Song: "Stompy the Bear" by Caspar Babypants
Words: James is doing very well with sentence development. He loves to describe what's going on and what he is doing. He also likes to get Maisie in trouble. Yesterday he told us, "Maisie shut the door to the play room", which she did. 
Toy: Balls continue to be the favorite and James has names for all of them. He also likes blocks, fire trucks, and other things he knows as "mine". He is possessive and gets angry when Maisie uses his stepstool, walker, or other things that are distinctly his. 
Food: pancakes, waffles, snickerdoodles, chips, fruit snacks, peaches, applesauce, pasta, rice, pizza, chili, tortillas, cheese, Indian food. 
Animal: dragon or bear
Time of the Day: bathtub time.
Activity: any kind of puzzle - he especially likes to figure out getting balls and toys in and out of a container. As you might imagine the possibilities are endless. James is amazing at putting away toys. 
Color: green
Clothing Size: 12-18 months. James is wearing 18 month PJ's now, and we are getting to 12-18 month pants due to length. 
Shoe Size: 4, but with his fancy AFO's aka his "Green Ball Shoes" James wears a size 5.5 wide. 
Weight: 20lbs at last checkup on 1/22/2014
Height: 31.5 inches
Number of Teeth: 19+

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