Monday, January 19, 2015

Potty Mouth

The little dragons are unbelievably smart. Maisie is really into a curse word phase right now and definitely shows off her skills whenever possible. We can't post here for obvious reasons but it's safe to say she knows about 10 bad words and counting. 

Could you believe such bad words come from such a cute little girl? 

The best reaction is to NOT react, because otherwise she thinks it's hilarious and keeps on going. James gets in on the action too and repeats whatever Maisie says. Then they run around the house, screaming "@$/&" and "@&$/@&$!"

I guess we are learning that toddlers pick up their language everywhere - and everyone has to be super careful about their choice of words around these little dragons. We will try to stick to Caspar Babypants radio as much as possible to minimize the damage.

If you know Maisie, you'll know one of her favorite books and songs is Five Little Monkeys. In most of the portrayals, the monkeys are dressed like humans, and it is interesting to see how this translates to a two year old perspective. We certainly did a few weeks ago. 

In December we visited Fort Collins for an impromptu holiday choir concert. It was the little dragons' first concert and we were a bit concerned as it was orchestra and opera - but we thought it was worth a try. 

The kids were overall very well behaved and did a great job paying attention and not getting in trouble. Maisie pointed out Santa on several occasions and they had a blast getting silly stringed by The Grinch. 

Everything was going well until a beautiful young woman came up to do a solo. The theatre was very quiet in anticipation of this Opera student's solo. Maisie looked down at the stage, eyes bright with excitement, and shouted at the top of her tiny little lungs: "LOOK! A monkey!" 

We were mortified. 

Luckily I don't think the poor Opera major heard her, and the acoustics in the room prevented most of the audience from hearing her. 

We have been around people of all different backgrounds and cultures, so this was definitely something unexpected - a two year old's take on society. 

Proud mommy moment of the week: the little dragons got to play with their twin friends K&C up in Estes Park. It was an amazing to watch these kids, four babies who weren't given odds to be here, surviving and THRIVING!

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  1. Dear Erin and Jimmy "the Saint",
    I worked with Jimmy's Uncle Mike Mancinelli at Lockheed for almost ten years, recently retiring a little over a year ago. Your "Look, a monkey!" story reminded me of when my first son was about 1yr. 3 months old, I was expecting my second son and we were at my cousin's funeral. Jason was being pretty well behaved, meeting all kinds of extended family for the first time. My husband, my parents and I sat down and my Dad and I were keeping Jason occupied, so as not to annoy anyone. Jason was doing great, being quiet and looking at all the people in the church. He was even enjoying the organ music quietly, but when the soloist finished the first song he just had to show his appreciation by clapping and yelling, "YEA!!, because that's what you do when you like someone's song. Yeah, Grandpa and I could barely maintain our composure, Grandma just scowled (which made it even funnier). After the service my Aunt, the deceased's mom, hugged him, laughed and said "He was doing what you're supposed to do when you like someone's song. Don't scold him (saying this to my mom)." It was one of those emotional releases that one sometimes needs under those circumstances. God bless you all!
    Kathy Eubank