Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cookie Monster Ball

There's one ball in the house that doesn't get love from James. A little from Maisie, on occasion - but rarely. James is terrified of the fuzzy blue ball with three eyes that he named "Cookie Monster Ball". 

The little dragons got this ball for Christmas. It shakes and wiggles and screames "I'm alive!", but there isn't a good way to turn it off or on and it manages to scare the living daylights out of all of us when it is around. 

One day, James brought Cookie Monster Ball to me and asked to turn it on. I was struggling to get it to do anything, and I told James that- but just as I was about to toss it aside the ball screeched and turned on, wriggling and shaking and squealing. I jumped and threw Cookie Monster Ball across the room. James screamed and crawled away as fast as he could, shaking and visibly disturbed. We hid the horrible ball and figured it would be best to stay hidden. 

That evening, James decided he wanted to see Cookie Monster Ball again. He had been avoiding certain rooms all day as he believed Cookie Monster Ball was hiding and waiting for him- but now he was asking to see the only thing he feared. So, thinking that James might be over his fear we brought the ball out again and James had another meltdown. 

Cookie Monster Ball has been "hiding" ever since. James has asked to see him but we haven't felt like the time is right. Besides, James has dozens of other balls to play with. James still loves to tell his friends and family all about Cookie Monster Ball - he especially loves to call his Auntie Ca in Washington and fill her in on Monster Ball. 

Maisie, on the other hand, is afraid of random things. It changes a lot. Right now it's eating. Sometimes it's ghost bugs, taking pictures, or zombies. 

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