Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sick little dragons

We have been stuck at home with a big winter storm and two very sick little dragons. James's fever and stubborn cough turned into pneumonia and he went on nebulizers and antibiotics Thursday night. He needed supplemental oxygen to keep his saturations up through the worst of the illness and continues to use oxygen while sleeping. James started to feel better by Saturday evening but he is still not 100%.  

We were hoping that Maisie might be able to escape this one but by Thursday night she started to have the fever and a light dry cough, which mimicked the beginning of James's symptoms exactly. She continued to go downhill, and so we worked on getting emergency prescriptions and oxygen refilled at the last minute Friday night to prepare for a weekend at home. Maisie went on the same plan as her brother; nebulizers every four hours and antibiotics, Tylenol to help bring down her fever and make her comfortable, saline and suctioning, cool mist humidifier, and oxygen to keep her saturations up. 

We setup a triage in the living room so we could better treat and manage the little dragons' symptoms over the weekend. Luckily we have been able to effectively treat both kids with our in-home equipment. We are also dealing with a lot of snow and very frigid temperatures so we have all fingers and toes crossed that things continue to improve here and no additional treatment is needed. 

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