Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day and other goings-on

We've been up to a lot recently. Here's a break down. 

1. James had an MRI to check out the status of his spine and the arachnoid cyst. Everything looked great and there was no evidence of the cyst reappearing on the spine. James's neurosurgeon couldn't even tell where the operation or cyst had been in the first place! We don't have to follow up from a neurosurgery perspective for another year. 

2. James checked in with the spasticity clinic to see what progress he has made since the Botox and Phenol injections. The providers all were very impressed with James and felt we didn't need to go back for another 6 months. He got his new orthotics and we are hoping for the best with this pair!

3. Our trip to PSL was James's 13th time being under sedation. Boo. While everything went pretty well and there were minimal complications - he only had a minor vomiting episode in recovery - it is becoming apparent to me that we are quite too familiar with this process. The forms, the questions, the protocols. The paperwork doesn't have enough space on it for James's patient history and I find myself referring to a list versus going off the top of my head to avoid missing something. We know all of the anaesthesiologists, doctors and most of the nurses. While we are certainly on the healthy side (knock on wood) and most of his procedures were done in the NICU, I sincerely hope that we continue to trend downwards. 

Personally I never had surgery until my cesarean when the babies were born. I'd like to hope the little dragons have less medical difficulties as they get older and don't have to be "frequent fliers" at PSL or Swedish for any reason. Really, things are pretty good. Both kids aren't on any type of medication and they are really stable medically given their fragile start.  

4. We semi-celebrated Valentine's Day. My parents dropped by and gave the little dragons gifts which they are very much enjoying. We did a craft project and ate chili. It was low key but we had a good time as a family. 

5. We got a few feet of snow and enjoyed being snowed in. We are so thankful for our flexible schedules and being able to work from home in times like these. Over Sunday night to Monday evening we got over two feet of snow  in addition to the residual stuff that was left from prior storms. The little dragons got bundled up in their winter gear and went outside for a brief experience in the snow. James didn't like it and Maisie made a snowball and dumped it on James's head. We were inside five minutes later. 

6. Every time we are at the hospital it seems like we pick up some mystery illness. Last time Maisie got a fever and was under the weather for a few days. This time it's James. He is definitely not feeling well and we are watching him closely. 

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