Friday, February 27, 2015


Maisie is still in the hospital. She was admitted Sunday night with a confirmed case of RSV and bronchiolitis. We thought for sure by now that she would be home, and while we had a few close calls to discharge, Maisie is still here. She is where she needs to be and we are confident in that. 

She spent the beginning of the week with high temps and 3 liters of oxygen and they were able to wean the oxygen down to 1-1.5 liters. At times she got down to 1/4 liter but that was short lived. Her temperature has been hovering around 99-100 and everyone expected it to be gone by this point. On room air, Maisie drops to the low 80's within a matter of seconds; and at this rate Maisie is not able to go home even with oxygen. She would need to have consistent saturations in the 90's and oxygen less than a liter here preferably before we are released. Today they started steroids in addition to albulterol and CPT to help Maisie overcome the roadblock she is at. We discontinued Hypertonic Saline as we can't administer this at home. 

To top off her respiratory complications, Maisie became very dehydrated over the last few days due to her RSV and the fevers associated with it. Dehyrdration causes Maisie to have trouble coughing and loosening the secretions in her lungs, which causes breathing trouble and low saturations. She was drinking moderately well enough but her fluid intake was not sufficient to compensate for the fluid loss. Her intake decreased over the week and yesterday we opted for an IV to help improve Maisie's hydration and help move the secretions from RSV. 

Finally, we found out that Maisie now has an ear infection so we started antibiotics. They are watching her closely. 

All of this combined means that we are still in the pediatric wing, at least for tomorrow and perhaps maybe longer. We really have no idea. 

And James? He has been having a ball with his grandparents all week and is feeling much better. It still floors us to think that his lungs are so much better than Maisie's, given his history.

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