Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to normal

Everyone is getting over RSV. Maisie is feeling much better and no longer needs oxygen during the day or night. She does get easily winded with exertion but this is expected. She is pretty much back to her old self, with the exception of being very grown up right now. Sometimes I look at Maisie and wonder where my little 1lb 11oz baby went, because she is just so grown up. 

James is doing really well too. He has been getting stronger physically and we are still working towards walking and standing independently. He is close to taking a few steps on his own. With James, it's slow and steady wins the race. He does things deliberately, thoroughly, and plans everything out. He is so incredibly smart and I love watching him communicate and learn. 

We are doing fine - just tired - and trying to recharge from the last month of procedures, sickness, doctors, and hospitals. It's hard to recharge your batteries, so to speak, when you are a parent. We are lucky that the little dragons are good sleepers, have great appetites, and have adapted very well to the chaos of being sick and out of their element. Schedules are everything with toddlers and they managed phenomenally well through it all, then made it back to their normal routine without incident.  

The little dragons are definitely taking advantage of our fatigue, probably unknowingly. Today I was resting following a root canal, and Maisie came over to take care of me and said she wanted to make me feel better. She brought over a baby wipe and held it on my forehead - and it felt great besides being so very sweet. It is amazing what kids pick up from all of their interactions and adventures. I sat there for a while with Maisie cooling my forehead and cheeks. 

After several minutes I realized the baby wipe was full of James's boogers. Ew!

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