Sunday, March 22, 2015


The little dragons are definitely pushing their two-going-on-three boundaries. They can be loud, wild, and unpredictable; hilarious, sweet and cantankerous. They manage to get into a little trouble here and there. 

Here's what they've been up to lately.

-Screaming matches at the top of their lungs, enough to cause some degree of hearing loss. It's usually temporary, thank goodness. 
-Maisie found the largest knife in the kitchen and brought it to me. She was not harmed thank goodness but it scared the living daylights out of me. Note to self- do not leave anything on the counter. 
-James loves to play with the mini blinds, guitars, and drawers. 
-Food throwing is always a blast. The kids are usually required to pick up their food, clean it off the walls or other places where it is stuck. We try to keep it to a minimum but sometimes the little dragons get the best of us and the entire kitchen is a disaster. The only way out is to remove the perpetrators. 
-Helping with the laundry is so much fun. The little dragons throw socks all over the house if you'll let them and clothing too. 
-They love to empty the pantry, especially all of the toddler cups/bowls/utensils and hide them throughout the house. Sometimes they are "cooking" applesauce, sometimes eating "soup". We are lucky that they've yet to get into the rice or our 25lb bag of GF flour. I should knock on some wood. 
-They both love to open and close doors frantically. We've been lucky to only have a few minor incidents so far. 
-Lots of hitting, punching, kicking, etc- the little dragons are definitely exercising their ability to handle things physically. 
-Lets not forget the verbal altercations. While there isn't name calling (yet) aside from stern "Maisie!" or "James!", the little dragons use a lot of "stop it", "go away", "don't touch me", etc (we think that one came from "Frozen"). They are great at keeping each other in check and also letting us know that their twin is into something bad. That is, unless they are both in on the shenanigans and then we don't hear anything. 
-Nap anarchy: we all depend on consistent daily naps to function. The little dragons are exercising their independence with nap time. Most of the time it is fine but other times they do nothing but play and scream and pass the time giggling up a storm. Following non-naps, the kids are tired and emotional. They spend the afternoon and evening collapsing in fatigue and exhaustion or fighting off fits of tears and rage. It's pretty clear we all still need nap time. 

But for all the toddler craziness, there is a lot of love in this house. The little dragons are full of tenacity and love. They have a strong connection and never hesitate to show their care or concern for one another. Perhaps this is the best part about having twins, even when they manage to test your parenting abilities. 

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