Monday, April 20, 2015

Two little dragons jumping out of bed

Maisie has been able to climb in and out of her crib for a while. She also likes to climb in and out of James's when the mood strikes. Luckily her attempts to do so are few and far between; most likely she has been dissuaded due to a few accidental falls out of the crib during prior escape attempts. She has never been injured thankfully but Maisie now has a steady appreciation for the right time and place to "monkey around". 

When Maisie sleeps she is wild, thrashing and flailing around, asking for waffles, pancakes and "big ones" aka brownies. She has to have a collection of stuffed animals or toys with her at all times. Currently she has Mickey and Minnie, Nipa/Peepa/Teepa, a Winnie the Pooh book, baby doll, and of course her favorite blanket "Silky/Fuzzy". 

James is the polar opposite of Maisie. He is definitely not as bold with escape attempts and to be honest, we still have not lowered his crib to the bottom setting. He enjoys throwing out his blankets and pillow, listening to "Globey" play music, untying his "Marri Blankey", playing with the blinds, and chewing/sucking on his most favorite blanket "Bainie". 

When James sleeps he is very still and barely moves an inch. He will roll onto one side, Bainie in mouth and stay there for the remainder of the night. James is old faithful and has done a great job adjusting to wearing his SMO's (supra malleolar orthotics) and knee immobilizers at night and naps without a complaint. 

James has never, not even once, made an escape attempt. That is, until this past weekend when he brazenly attempted to rescue Globey off of the dresser. James fell out of the crib, landed in a laundry basket full of clothes, tipped it over, and managed to trap himself inside (it fell next to a wall and the opening was blocked). 

James fell and yelled loudly. Jimmy was the first to get to him and couldn't locate James for a few moments. He wasn't in the crib and any other obvious locations. Another cry for help led Jimmy to determine that James had indeed fallen out of the crib and into the laundry basket, knocking it over and trapping himself inside. Jimmy pulled the basket upright, grabbed a pretty shaken up James out, and set him back to bed. Needless to say, he did not succeed in acquiring Globey but he has not attempted to escape again. 

With these two little monkeys/dragons jumping out of their beds, we know the time is coming where we will have to move to toddler beds. For us, that time is not yet. We have a few options until then, such as moving their mattresses lower and even to the floor. For now, the cribs are the safest place for both of them. However, before we know it the little dragons will be ready for big kid beds and all the responsibility and lack of sleep that comes with it. 

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