Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Time flies

Time has a tendency to fly by sometimes.  We have been busy with work and therapy, and also preparing for an upcoming vacation to Seattle. Our month is pretty busy before we leave, too. While we are very much looking forward to spending the better part of June on vacation, there is a lot of work that goes into making that happen from a logistics point of view. 

Luckily when we visit Auntie Ca we literally don't have to bring any of the baby/toddler stuff- car seats, pack and plays, feeding supplies, etc. She has it all and this makes it very convenient, and much lighter to travel with twins. We appreciate having a vehicle to use and a place to stay. 

That being said, this will be the longest time the little dragons are away from home and we think they will do pretty well considering we've visited several other times. The surroundings are familiar and they have built-in play dates with their cousin. What will be tough is integrating therapy and making sure we don't lose progress while we are gone. 

Here's a synopsis of what happened in the last week or so...

James had a diaper explosion in the night and got it all over his crib. Maisie is very much into chewing her fingers. They both love jumping and playing on the sunroom couch. James is obsessed with balloons. Maisie loves to wear her princess dresses- even over pajamas. James wore one of Maisie's princess dresses - and Maisie exclaimed "we are two princesses!" James and Maisie have been attempting potty training, no luck yet. Maisie orders food and then doesn't eat it- over and over again. James saw a picture of Maisie at Halloween and said "beautiful Maisie". Maisie and James have both picked up calling Jimmy "sexy Daddy" - although they will call him "Beardy Daddy" too. Maisie informed us that while James's favorite color is green, he is actually white. James told grandma, who was looking for her glasses - "your glasses are right there, on your head".  Maisie and James decided they work at preschool and make $2. 

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