Monday, May 11, 2015

Walking sticks

Mother's Day was very low key around here. We got more snow over the weekend (and for the record we're over it!) and stayed in without any major incidents occurring. Above else, we appreciate everyone staying healthy and staying out of trouble. They most enjoyed calling their Grandmas on the phone and wishing them "Happy Mothers Day". 

Physical therapy is a big part of our schedule currently. We are wrapping up Early Intervention and working with private PT for James. We try not to think about therapy as repetitive and monotonous activities without purpose; James especially does so much better if motivated by things he enjoys and is interested in. Maisie is close to graduating EI all together but still has some skills she is working on - mostly her clumsiness and coordination in gross motor. We are also working on directions and listening skills with both kids. 

James has made tremendous progress. He can stand for a few seconds independently and has taken a few steps. James spends more time walking with help or toys and is staying upright longer than ever done before. James mostly uses the shopping cart and the big red ball to get from one room to another. Another thing James is becoming really proficient with is using the "walking sticks". Sure, they look like plungers; James calls them walking sticks and likes to wander all around the house with his Bainey (blankie) around his shoulders while using the sticks for support. We help by controlling the top of the dowels and ensuring he doesn't tip over, but James moves them independently and very gracefully. He also does a great job getting up by himself using the sticks and standing in the middle of the room. 

Both of our kids are a little gravity challenged. They take tumbles, often, and this is something we continually work on. Sometimes falling is purposeful and they love things like "Ring Around the Rosy" and other games where they can fall down for fun. 

We try to make therapy exercises into playtime so there is more of a willingness to try new things and explore. Sometimes that is challenging with twins who often want to play with the same things yet don't want to play together. It's an ongoing learning experience for everyone. 

For example, Maisie loves to scare James into giving up toys. We are trying to teach James to stand up for himself. The other day James was fighting to stay in the car and use it as a jungle gym. Maisie kept trying to throw him out. James was not thrilled. 
James was much happier when Maisie lets him have the car. Maisie, however persists and was not gone for long. 
Now everyone's happy! Maisie got to ride inside the car, and James was happy to call Grandma AND push Maisie around. 

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