Sunday, June 14, 2015


We've been on vacation for most of June and it has been an adventure for sure. Jimmy is still at home and will join us on the tail end of our trip. We've been very busy in Washington with Grandma, Auntie Ca, Uncle Da and cousin Marri as they welcomed their newest baby into the family. 

The little dragons have been to Seattle before but for long weekends only. It has definitely been an adjustment for everyone learning how to keep a household moving smoothly with three toddlers and a newborn; ensuring they are all happy, entertained, well fed. It is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. We are exhausted on all fronts. 

We've been very thankful for our accomodations, company, and the opportunity to be involved in such an important event. Our newest cousin is sweet and adorable and we absolutely love the cuddles. We will take every minute we can get!

We've gotten into a lot of shenanigans but have had limited time to report everything. Here's a snapshot of our trip so far: 

Being in Seattle, the little dragons had their first Starbucks (a smoothie).

James learned that sand does not make a very good snack.

Then Maisie tried and wasn't impressed. 

Maisie and Marri enjoyed dressing up together.

James acquired a "New Bainey" and now has both the new and "Old Bainey"; he also tried to adopt a pair of Marri's pajama pants that had the same pattern and material but we intervened.

We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and went to the beach to play in the sand; Maisie dug a huge hole and James described Lake Washington as a "big bathtub".

We spent an afternoon with our pProm friends - Advocate Brittani and baby Audri who is 20 months old and doing amazingly well since our last visit in August 2013. 

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