Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Irrational fears of everything

Maisie has always been as tough as nails. I can only think of a handful of things that have ever bothered her, scared her, or irritated her. 

While in the NICU, she learned early on that the thermometer being shoved under her armpit was not a pleasant experience. Later on, she and James would melt down on demand at the first few notes of their "Night Night" song. They dislike it to this day. Then Maisie went through a time where she was afraid of ghost animals but it was short lived.

Currently several things are on Maisie's list of fears. Dust, fuzz, zombies, vampires, pirates, picture taking, bugs of all kinds (especially ants, spiders, moths, ladybugs, and flies), monster ball, etc. 

The other morning we were getting up and the little dragons both happened to notice a beam of light in their room with specks of dust sparkling in the air. They both became hysterical, crying, and trying to make sense of this new revelation. They've been frightened by dust, or the concept of it, ever since. 

Maisie is so terrified of bugs right now she can barely go outside without several shrill cries. She is even more paranoid if a bug happens to get in the house. One night a moth got in while we were bringing in groceries, and she was hysterical while Jimmy tried to transport it outdoors. She was so traumatized she can still tell the whole story, weeks later. 

I'll never understand how a child can go from eating spiders and pincher bugs to being petrified beyond belief about a ladybug. She used to come up to me saying, "here mommy" and hand me a spider. I was the jumpy one- not her! This girl was in tune with the bugs. Now they are encroaching on Maisie's world and it is not a pretty sight. Part of me feels like she's being overly dramatic, but I am coming to understand that these are credible fears. I'm hoping she'll get over it, but I'll be okay if we never revisit the pincher bug-eating or spider-sharing shenanigans. 

In other news, James is doing an awesome job with his walking sticks. He loves to stand up holding onto them for balance in the middle of the room and watch anything related to hot air balloons. If you haven't seen a hot air balloon festival / race timelapse, those are his absolute favorite to watch and they are awesome. James can stand with these sticks alone for several minutes. He's working on building his balance, stamina, and core strength, and it's awesome to watch the progress being made. James is incredibly built in the upper body and abdomen, while other muscles in his hips and calves have been used less frequently due to the nature of his development. This exercise is great on a lot of levels - James is working lots of muscle groups and reflexes, and he is testing his limits independently.

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