Monday, August 31, 2015

38 month update

The summer is winding down. Many of our friends are starting the preschool journey and we've decided to stay home another year and start at age four. There's a lot of logistics involved in the decision- and while we would receive a significant benefit from the school district from both a therapy and a financial perspective if we put the kids in at three, we would also have to make a lot of other sacrifices that in our perspective just aren't worth it. So we are holding off on preschool until four, feeling immense pressure from every single angle and hearing every perspective in the book. It's amazing how controversial something like preschool really is. 

We have been incredibly busy lately between summer parties, family in town, work, and projects around the house. It's been interesting to watch how the little dragons take in all of the activity and how they are able to recall so vividly now. They often bring up specific details about our Seattle vacation or other interesting things that we've encountered over the last few months. It's so exciting to watch their memories and personalities continue to develop. 

Here's what the little dragons have been up to lately...
Book: Skeleton Hiccups or Ten Timid Ghosts
Song: anything by Caspar Babypants or Disney princess music
Words: Maisie is full of funny phrases. The other day we saw a free toilet on the side of the road and she said, "ooh, it looks so nice and clean!"; and while I couldn't disagree with her we did not stop to find out. She also likes to describe different objects as "thingers". 
Toy: Anything that isn't a toy. She is on a toy strike. 
Food: cheese, cookies, pancakes, waffles, eggs, avocado, fruit snacks, blueberries, bananas, muffins, beans, rice, tortillas, quesadillas, Indian food, chips, brownies
Animal: dog, kitty, monkey
Time of the Day: Cuddle time
Activity: Playing outside
Color: pink, purple
Clothing Size: 18-24 month or 2T tops, 18 month or 2T PJ's, Pants 18 months to 2T (skinny waist and longer length), Shorts are 9 months and up. 
Shoe Size: 5.5-6
Weight: 22lbs 6oz on 07/07/2015
Height: 34.75 inches
Number of Teeth: 20

Book: Baby Beluga or Ten Timid Ghosts
Song: The Globe songs (see below) and Caspar Babypants
Words: James's vocabulary is growing every day. He convinced a random lady at the park to give him her blue balloon, and their conversation was hilarious. He was very convincing, polite and persistent. James is a kid who knows how to get what he wants and isn't afraid to go for it. 
Toy: The globe, rainbow, his ball collection, and any type of balloon.
Food: grapes, meat, pancakes, waffles, snickerdoodles, chips, fruit snacks, peaches, applesauce, muffins, peanut butter, pasta, rice, pizza, chili, tortillas, cheese, quesadillas, Indian food. 
Animal: dragon or bear
Time of the Day: playing outside, especially basketball
Activity: putting away toys
Color: green
Clothing Size: 18-24 month or 2T tops, 18 month or 2T PJ's, 12-18 months pants (skinny waist and longer length), Shorts are 9 months and up. 
Shoe Size: 5.5, but with his fancy AFO's aka his "Green Ball Shoes" James wears a size 6.5-7 extra wide.
Weight: 22lbs 5oz on 07/07/2015
Height: 32.5 inches
Teeth: 20

Friday, August 14, 2015

Shiny red walking sticks

We've been holding off on getting a walker, or any kind of durable medical equipment for that matter. Our PT has been great with letting us borrow a walker to try things out. However, we recently came to the conclusion that the next piece of equipment needed to be forearm crutches for James. 

Luckily we were able to find some very quickly and affordably, avoiding insurance and doctors orders all together. James was so excited to order his red "walking sticks" so he could be "just like Nolan", our pProm buddy who has a lot in common with James and just started walking on his own. 

When the box arrived, James was pretty excited but quickly became a stick in the mud. He tried them momentarily and then his mind was made up, and he did not want to use them. James is one of the most stubborn people I know; yet it is his determination and resilience that has helped him to survive against impossible odds on more than one occasion. James has to initiate the actions and there has to be something in it for him, otherwise he does not cooperate. 

We encouraged James to walk to his bedroom, and along the way he decided to get a ball from the playroom; and that was enough to motivate James to start working with his new walking sticks. By the evening of the first night, James was able to stand on his own with his forearm crutches and walk a few steps without any hands on assistance. Four days later he is walking through the house, maneuvering effectively and using his sticks to pummel whatever ball may be in his path. We still have to encourage him to use the walking sticks versus crawling, which is his preferred method of getting around. James' gait is steady and strong, and we've been impressed with how quickly he has adapted to the new DME. Maisie is adorable too; she keeps telling James how proud she is of him, that she loves him, and asks him to hold her hand so that they can walk together. 

We are hopeful that this is just a stepping stone to walking independently. James has a lot of muscle imbalances to work through, but his stubbornness is perhaps his biggest hurdle. 

Please visit our Facebook page to see a video of James walking with his new forearm crutches.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hello friends

It's been a while since we have updated and things are pretty much status quo. We are busy. The little dragons are wild and growing. 

In the last few weeks we've had a few adventures. The little dragons went to a festival in town and rode a pony, and watched the sunrise and hot air balloon launch at Chatfield. We've visited with family and friends, had therapy 3-4 times a week, and enjoyed spending some quality time at home. 

Everyone has managed to stay out of trouble so far (knock on wood) and we appreciate that things have been pretty low key. 

The rest of the summer will be busy. We have birthdays, festivals, play dates and more to look forward to. We have a few doctors appointments coming up as well. There is a lot to do before flu season begins and we transition into our quarantine mode. 

Until then, we will be playing "beautiful princesses" and counting down the time until the cousins come to visit from Seattle in a few weeks!