Thursday, September 17, 2015

Maisie Day 2015

Three years ago we brought our baby A, sweet Maisie, home from the NICU. That same day we were able to hold our twins together for the first time, exactly 83 days after their birth at 27 weeks. James would not be discharged for another month and a half, and would endure several surgeries in the final weeks of his NICU stay.

Following Maisie's discharge home she has had several returns to the hospital for respiratory issues and she continues to struggle with chronic lung disease. This requires ongoing monitoring and oversight, and additional intervention during illness to keep her stable. 

Today we celebrated Maisie. We spent the day adventuring with our cousins, ate Arepas for lunch and dinner, and ate caramel brownie sundaes. She played with her Belle princesses and watched Peppa Pig and Elmo Ball.

Maisie wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She's definitely grown a lot since we brought her home weighing just over 5lbs.

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