Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jamesie Day 2015

Today marks three years since James was released from the NICU after 124 days, three months on the ventilator and seven surgeries. His bill for the bed alone was well over two million dollars, and that doesn't even account for the doctors, surgeons, procedures, equipment, supplies, or testing that was billed for regularly. 

Today we celebrated James and his accomplishments. James has been talking up a storm lately and has a very charming personality. Additionally, he has been doing phenomenally well with strength training and mobility. James's flexibility has been improving every day. We think he is doing a great job and are incredibly proud of everything he has accomplished. 

Today we had an appointment with our orthotist who was ecstatic at the improvements James has made in the past few months. James met a beautiful young french woman and impressed her with his charm, some basic French and a few "ooh la la's". He requested a dinner of steak and fries with cheese sauce and practiced trick or treating with his walking sticks while we prepared everything. We watched "Elmo's World: Balls" and some "Peppa Pig". After dinner James and Maisie got really wild, laughing and dancing. They went to bed thoroughly exhausted and fell asleep within minutes.

Days like these make the NICU seem a world away. I remember feeling like James would never break out of PSL jail, but in reality he was only there a few months. He has been home officially 1,095 days now; that's 36 months or 3 years. What a ride it has been!

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