Thursday, October 22, 2015

Snow is falling

We had our first substantial snow today, and I was lucky to be working at home while Grandma came to watch the little dragons.

Living at such high altitude, we have had a few moments of random snow so far this fall, but nothing substantial enough to play in. By mid morning we had about 8 inches of wet and sticky snow, and the storm was continuing steadily. The temperature was mild so we decided to take the kids outside for a quick adventure.

We went to the front closet and pulled out all of our winter gear. Thankfully they both still fit in their winter clothing that is going on a third and likely final season. We pulled on snow pants, boots, coats, hats and gloves; then proceeded out on the deck to check out the snow. James had his walking sticks and insisted on bringing a beach ball outside.

Maisie loves to make snowballs and snow angels, so she did a few of those. James trampled through the wet and slushy snow using his walking sticks for support; they were very durable and he did not slip one time. James also liked beating the beach ball to oblivion using his sticks, which along with the cold air helped to deflate the ball pretty quickly.

After exploring the deck, we headed out to the driveway as the storm continued on. We cleared snow from the branches of some low trees and bushes, and stayed out front until everyone was so wet and cold that the only option was returning to the house to get warm. The little dragons loved watching the snow plows go by and chasing the beach ball around the yard. When we decided to come in to get warmed up, Maisie and James were not thrilled about their snow adventures being cut short.

Grandma promised the kids that they could have chocolate once inside, and subsequently they both headed inside without incident. We all warmed up by the fire while eating Hershey Kisses.

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