Sunday, December 6, 2015

From the mouths of babes

Toddlers are pretty hilarious as they learn how to communicate and increase their vocabulary. We've had several hilarious statements and interactions with both kids recently. Here's a peek into the wild conversations we've had with the little dragons.

Me: "Guess whose birthday is coming next?"
Maisie: "Grandma's!"
Me: "How old is grandma going to be?"
Maisie: "She's going to be a mummy!"

French Receptionist at the orthotist: "Hello!"
James: "Ooh la la, pretty lady!" followed by a few air kisses.
Receptionist: "Oh, thank you, you are very sweet"

Maisie: "Oh no! Where is my neck?"
Me: "Attached to your head."
Maisie: "Wow! I have a neck! And a head!"
Me: "Yep"
Maisie: "Where's my body?!"

James: "I've got a wiener peener"
Maisie: "Where's my wiener peener?"
James: "You have a butty butt."
Maisie: "Don't talk about my butty butt!"
James: yanks Maisie's pants down as she screams and runs away.

Me: "What happened to Globey, James?"
James: "He doesn't sing any more, la la la".
Me: "Why? What happened?"
James: "I threw him and he needs to see the Globey Doctor."

Maisie: "My poop is an elephant poop."
James: "I have a cookie poop."
Maisie: "I have a lizard poop."
James: "Don't eat my cookie poop."
Maisie: "I need privacy."
James: runs off with Maisie's underwear

Maisie: "Mommy, you look like Elsa!"
Me: "Thank you! Do you like this outfit?"
Maisie: "Yes, I do. You have white hair like Elsa."
Me: "Really?"
Maisie: "And the blue dress, too!"

Jimmy: "Maisie, eat your dinner."
Maisie: "Is it chicken?"
Jimmy: "Pork Sausage; it comes from a pig"
Maisie: "Like Peppa Pig?!?" - followed by a horrified look of disgust.

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