Monday, December 21, 2015

Meeting Rosie

We met up with Auntie Michelle who took the little dragons to the Butterfly Pavillion for an early Christmas present. It was a cold and blustery day but inside the Pavillion we were nice and warm. The first room was filled with insects and spiders, and the kids enjoyed looking at all of the Christmas decorations in each environment.

We thought it might be a little touch and go for Maisie as she does not like bugs or spiders at all, but the only eventful moment for her was when she saw the first spider (a small tarantula) and screamed bloody murder. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing to look over at our group. Maisie refused to walk through the exhibit and insisted on being carried. 

James on the other hand, was extremely excited at the prospects of meeting Rosie, the Pavillion's resident friendly tarantula. We entered the line and after a brief wait, James was face to face with Rosie. 

There is a rule that kids have to be at least three years old to hold Rosie. A staff member was there to oversee the interactions and provide information as needed. James agreed to hold Rosie after telling the staff that he was three years old. 

James sat very still and let the man position his hands appropriately. While James waited patiently, Rosie clambered over the attendant's fingers and onto James's hand.

James's smile was unmistakable and he thoroughly enjoyed his time with Rosie. After a brief visit, James continued on to touch some spiky looking beetles.

Maisie was a model spectator but wanted nothing to do with holding or touching bugs. Once we moved onto the sea life part of the exhibit, she enjoyed petting a starfish and watching all of the fish swim around. 

We made it into the Butterly exhibit to find a pleasantly warm and humid environment filled with butterflies exploring tropical trees and plants.The kids wanted to adventure; James used his walking sticks to traverse the paths while Maisie enjoyed running, jumping and climbing. 

We saw many beautiful butterflies and flowers inside the Pavillion. After a bit, the little dragons were practically begging for lunch and they decided that Indian food would be delicious.

We loaded up and headed down the street to a quaint but quick Indian Buffet, where the kids were well behaved and ate lunch without causing a huge mess. From there, we spent the rest of the afternoon adventuring in the area, walking through the mall and finishing up a little Christmas shopping. 

It was a great way to spend a cold and blustery December day, getting out and about to try new things with Michelle. James can't stop talking about Rosie and Maisie is very proud of the "I Love Bugs" sticker she earned. 

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