Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's been a while

I apologize for the scarcity of posts recently. Our busy schedule, along with ongoing editing problems in the blogging software are mostly to blame. 

We've been busy recently. The cousins came into town from Seattle and we've spent many days and nights adventuring and entertaining each other. The kids love to get together, but they are still toddlers so there is a lot of mediation going on. We're so lucky that our family can stay with us and vice versa- but it is a lot of work to have four kids under four in one place. 

We've also started the process for preschool in the fall. Both of the little dragons are being assessed to see if they qualify for services due to their ongoing medical conditions and our usage of Early Intervention services. Our goal is to ensure the kids can attend the same school, in our neighborhood, with a schedule that works for everyone. We hope that we can come up with plans that will address their individual needs along with those of the family. 

James was assessed for a wheelchair to help him get around better for long distances. We ordered a very tiny pediatric chair in bright blue with lots of bells and whistles. Insurance approved our request and it is being constructed at this moment. We hope to receive it in the next few weeks. While some may feel like this is not necessary and that it won't be helpful in getting James to walk independently, I feel like it will liberate him and allow him to do what he loves without over exerting himself. James works really intensely at every activity and he is getting stronger by the day. The strongest part of James's personality is his stubbornness, which has gotten him where he is today. I have no doubt we are headed in the right direction but at times it feels like we move at a snail's pace. 

Maisie and James had their follow up vision appointments and both did an amazing job. Maisie completed the whole exam without prompting, while James through a few fits but managed to get the job done. They don't need glasses at this time which is a relief. 

For the most part, we've just been enjoying the moments. The wild language, stories, laughter, growth spurts, and fun.