Thursday, May 12, 2016

Illness and everything else

Someone has been sick in our home since the end of February. We've dealt with pneumonia, laryngitis, ear infections, sinus infections, pink eye, norovirus, RSV,  and more. They definitely have a knack for timing illness to hit our important days, including our anniversary, birthdays, and holidays. As you can see below, Maisie and James are giving us their "No" hands and are ready to feel better. 

We are officially fed up with being sick. Maisie is still on oxygen at night and has not returned to baseline. We'd like to put away the nebulizer and corresponding meds but we aren't there yet. 

Sickness is not fun for anyone. We are thoroughly exhausted and would love nothing more than to take an uneventful vacation away from here. We are hoping things improve soon. 

That being said, we have managed to partake in new and exciting experiences whenever possible. A few things we've done lately:
-Saw Annie at the Venue Theatre and it was awesome
-Attended a fancy Tea Party with our cousins and Aunt, complete with delicious food and fun games
-Voted in the caucus and the little dragons both tried their hardest to participate 
-Ate dozens of "Quesadilla Rollups" and other variations of a tortilla and cheese
-Visited the preschool, met the teachers and worked on admittance paperwork
-Made lots of GF Rice Krispie treats - our favorite is a creation with peanut butter, marshmallows and chocolate chips
-Watched movies and TV- Peppa Pig, Daniel Tiger, Cinderella, and Inside Out are the favorites
-Visited Red Robin for chicken, fries, "dip", and red balloons
-Went wild and crazy at the mall with Grandma
-Enjoyed ice cream at our local shop; Maisie loves Chocolate Chocolate and James prefers Cinnamon

-Exhausted ourselves at the playground
-Dyed Easter Eggs and participated in a hunt in our yard
-Developed a hand sign for "no" (see first photo)
-Played with lots of toys
-Went to the doctor too many times
-Troublemaking, including: coloring on the wall with crayons, falling out of bed, falling into a laundry basket, refusing to go potty, tripping dozens of times, participating in snowball fights, eating stale Lysol vomit bunny crackers, fighting over everything, refusing to listen, engaging in many temper tantrums, taking lots of crazy selfies, and more

-Spent time with all of our friends and family, and loved every minute of it. 

Even with all of the illness and medical stuff going on right now, we've managed to do a lot and stay very busy. It's been tough but worth every minute; especially when the little dragons give love and cuddles and tell you, "I love you the MOST".  

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