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We met in 2000 and got married on March 31, 2007. Outside of school, work, music and bands we've spent the last 12 years traveling around the world. In early 2012, we found out we were expecting twins.

On March 14th, my water broke at 12 weeks gestation with Baby B (James). We were told to watch and wait - for infection, for miscarriage, we weren't sure. We learned that most pregnancies fail within 72 hours or the first week after membranes rupturing, or pProm (Premature Preterm Rupture of Membranes). We were determined to keep Babies A & B (Maisie and James), and keep them inside as long as physically possible, so we came up with a plan. As time went on, the pregnancy was complicated with several serious placental abruptions related to pProm. The outcome was unknown, but a common concern from doctors was whether Baby James would have lungs or would survive outside of the womb due to lack of amniotic fluid for so long.

We stayed pregnant for 15 weeks following pProm. When we delivered on June 26th, both Maisie and James came out screaming. James had no measureable amniotic fluid for weeks and weeks on end, and when doctors evaluated his lungs after birth, they were shocked to discover that they were more developed than expected - though not in the best condition.

As time went on in the NICU James had more challenges than Maisie, mostly due to pProm. They both have battles being micro-preemies (born under 800 grams or 1lb 12 oz). However, they both are amazing fighters and have been proving people wrong and gaining support for their steadfastness and determination every single day.

In 2013 we decided to take our experience and knowledge with pProm public and pay it forward. We started the first national non-profit dedicated solely to pProm advocacy through partnerships with medical professionals, and health organizations and local supporters. We are also to excited to announce the pProm Registry, the first of its kind in this field of diagnosis, which will further research through collaboration and help improve outcomes for those experiencing pProm.

Read more about American Alliance for pProm Support at http://www.aapprom.org or at http://www.facebook.com/ppromsupport

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